DjangoCon Europe, 2nd to 7th June 2015, in Cardiff, Wales. 6 days of talks, tutorials and code.

Social responsibility

The values that we embrace in our dealings with others in the Django community need to be present in our dealings beyond it too. We value fairness, respect and consideration for others. DjangoCon Europe 2015 expresses these values as undertakings of social responsibility.


The service industries - hospitality, catering, cleaning - that events such as a DjangoCon rely on typically pay very low wages to some of their workers. When making our choices we have taken into account the wage policies of our suppliers.

The Living Wage is a rate set significantly higher than the National Minimum Wage.

Cardiff University, our host for Sunday, Thursday and Friday, is an accredited Living Wage employer. Cardiff Council, which runs our venue for Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, is committed to the Living Wage.

Fair trade

Wales became the world’s first Fair Trade nation in 2008, and Cardiff is the world’s first Fair Trade capital city.

We are asking our suppliers about the sourcing of their products, and where possible we’ll choose fairly-traded options. This particularly applies to food and clothing.

Our conference t-shirts, gift bags and similar items will be sourced from fair-trade suppliers.


Many of our attendees will be travelling long distances, many of them by air. We encourage travellers to consider some of the alternative means to air travel.

We are discussing with our suppliers ways in which the environmental impact of the event can be minimised, and have asked sponsors to bear this in mind when considering promotional gifts at the event.


We are asking caterers to ensure that food from their producers meet high standards of animal welfare and be sustainably sourced (you will not be served battery-farmed chicken or pork at DjangoCon!) and will be choosing suppliers that can meet this requirement. We are also asking caterers to use locally-sourced products where possible.

A conference typically sees a scandalous quantity of food waste. We are discussing ways of minimising this with our suppliers. We also ask our attendees to help us in this aim, by providing us with accurate information about which conference meals they’ll be attending.

Local economy and community

Where possible, we will be sourcing all products and services from within the local economy.

We don’t want DjangoCon to be merely a passing event, we want it to do something in and for the local community. Our Open Day (Sunday) is part of our local engagement remit, with talks and workshops open to all, including school pupils, university students and the general public.