DjangoCon Europe, 2nd to 7th June 2015, in Cardiff, Wales. 6 days of talks, tutorials and code.


Django, like most of the global software industry, is dominated by a very narrow demographic (young, white, western men, in case you’d missed it). It’s a core aim of the Django Project to address this harmful imbalance. We aim to make DjangoCon Europe 2015 a milestone in this effort.

Like every DjangoCon, we have a prominent code of conduct that will be enforced. We also have a clear accessibility statement and will be making every effort to hold as inclusive an event as possible.


It’s not simply iniquitous that the minorities of our community - for example, women, people of non-European descent, people with disabilities - find it harder to participate in it: their participation is vital to its health and needed now more than ever.

If you belong to one of these or any other under-represented groups, we’re especially keen to have you at DjangoCon. We want to help redress the imbalance, make a clear statement about your role at this DjangoCon and to affirm your position as a first-class citizen of the community.

So, DjangoCon registration for tickets and proposals will be open to members of under-represented groups a month before general registration is opened.

If you’re not a member of a conference-attending minority, you’ll just have to wait for your turn. You won’t miss out on anything - you’ll simply have to be patient.


On our open day, all talks and workshops will be free and open to anyone who’s interested, not just conference ticket-holders. One of these sessions will be a day-long Django Girls workshop. Since the first DjangoGirls event in July 2014, hundreds of women have been introduced to Django and Python through these free workshops.

We are offering a number of conference tickets for the entire six-day event to DjangoGirls attendees at the hugely-discounted rate of £100. These are full tickets, and include meals, refreshments and everything else that the conference has to offer.

Both the DjangoGirls workshop and the ticket offer will be oversubscribed; places and tickets will be allocated by an awards committee.

Financial aid

Working with the Django Software Foundation's grants committee, we will be supporting individuals who are on a lower income with grants for travel and subsistence, and discounted or free conference tickets.

  • Apply for financial assistanceThe Django Software Foundation has made US$5000 available for attendees of DjangoCon Europe 2015, to help meet the costs of travel and accommodation.

Supporter tickets

We have made Diversity supporter tickets available. As well as your own ticket, you’ll buy a ticket on behalf of an attendee who couldn’t otherwise afford it. These tickets will be allocated by an awards committee, and you or your organisation will be - unless you state otherwise - thanked publicly for your generous support.

  • TicketsTicket sales are now open, with rates for individuals, corporate attendees and students.