DjangoCon Europe, 2nd to 7th June 2015, in Cardiff, Wales. 6 days of talks, tutorials and code.

Dining at Django Europe

The first thing you think of when arriving in a new city is: where’s the best place to eat? It’s the first thing your DjangoCon organising committee chairman thinks, anyway.

Included in your ticket…

Conference lunches and refreshments

Every day

We’re providing lunch and refreshments on all six days of the event, at City Hall and at Cardiff University.

You’ll be well-fed, and all dietary requirements (you did inform us when you registered, didn’t you?) can be met.

And at DjangoCon, be prepared to encounter Welsh cakes. When you go home, you will remember the Welsh cakes.

Conference dinner

Monday 1st June

We like dining in style. Our conference dinner will be held in the Grand Hall of our finest museum and gallery.

The Museum is right next door to City Hall, in another gorgeous building.

In fact you ought to visit the Museum anyway for its many superb collections while you’re here, particularly of 20th-century art.

The conference dinner and lunches are included in your ticket, but all the same: you must register for these meals in advance, by finding your ticket (from Tito), and answering the questions online. If you don’t - no meals for you! This is part of our policy on food waste. We aim to minimise food waste by not having meals prepared that won’t get eaten, so we must know who’s coming to them.

Other meals

What about your other meals? We could let you simply take your chances on the other nights in town, but in fact we’ve done some careful planning to ensure you have the opportunity to enjoy the best possible meals while you’re in Cardiff. So, you might find yourself enjoying an evening meal at…

The Clink

Tuesday 2nd & Wednesday 3rd June, £26 - book now - directions

There are currently 964 Cardiff restaurants listed on TripAdvisor. The Clink is the one at the very top of the list.

There are good reasons for this: the food is delicious, made from the best fresh Welsh produce, and prepared imaginatively; it has won numerous awards. Don’t miss it.

The Clink is special for another reason. It’s at Cardiff Prison, and trains and employs serving prisoners, who work in the kitchen and in the restaurant.

About 49% of UK prisoners re-offend within a year of leaving prison. The Clink aims to break the cycles responsible for this, by providing prisoners with skills, qualifications and prospects, and helping them find secure full-time employment in the hospitality sector upon their release.

As well as awards for its food, The Clink has won several for its educational work and its success in the rehabilitation of prisoners.

Note that alcohol is not served, but we’ll take you to a Cardiff pub for a drink afterwards.

The Vegetarian Food Studio

Sunday 31st May & Tuesday 2nd June, £15 - book now - directions

The VFS is another Cardiff favourite, and it too has won numerous awards for its food.

Your organising committee can’t stay away from the place; we love it.

It’s a traditional Indian restaurant (and a place where even the most committed carnivores are happy to forgo meat for an evening, in case the word “vegetarian” fills you with fear).

The VFS will prepare a special DjangoCon feast for us.

Note that the restaurant serves soft drinks but not alcohol. You’re welcome however to bring your own choice of drinks (a supermarket with a good selection is less than five minutes’ walk away should you need it).

How to book

If you’d like a place for one of the meals at The Clink or the VFS, you need to buy a ticket for it. Please book as early as you possibly can. We expect all these seats for dinner to sell out.

To confirm your place at the conference lunches or dinner, you need to edit your registration via Tito. Remember: no confirmation means no dinner. That’s how strict we are. Merciless.

Dietary requirements

All of these establishments will be able to meet any dietary requirements you have, as long they are mentioned in your registration details.

Other options

There are plenty of other great places to eat in Cardiff to suit a variety of budgets. See Where else to eat for a few of them.