DjangoCon Europe, 2nd to 7th June 2015, in Cardiff, Wales. 6 days of talks, tutorials and code.


Why sponsor the event

DjangoCon Europe will be attended by 350 motivated, active and forward-looking Python/Django developers from across the world.

Sponsoring DjangoCon Europe will put you right in front of an appreciative audience full of the best talent in the community.

If you’re looking for new users for your product, you’ll find those people here - they too will be looking for new products and ideas.

If you’re recruiting, this is the best place to meet new talent: many attendees will be skilled developers seeking their next big step.

If you want to get your message across and be talked about, it’s a great opportunity; people want to discover and share new things.

If you want to find new collaborators and partners for development, this is where they will be looking for you.

Events of this kind are the most important dates in the community’s calendar. They are valued very highly by attendees, and their sponsors are deeply appreciated.

If your organisation uses Python or Django, sponsoring a community event is an effective and meaningful way of contributing to the software you rely on.

Sponsorship levels

Bronze (£500)

You’ll get:

  • your logo, and a link on our website
  • mentions in conference email messages to the community
  • public thanks & a standing ovation at the event

Silver (£1000)

Similar to Bronze, but includes:

  • a stand & banners at the venues
  • a quarter-page advertisement in the programme
  • a complimentary ticket to the conference

Gold (£2000)

Similar to Silver, but includes:

  • a half-page advertisement in the conference programme
  • two complimentary tickets to the conference

Platinum (£4000)

Similar to Gold, but includes:

  • your banners adjacent to the speakers’ stage at the venue
  • a full-page advertisement in the conference programme
  • four complimentary tickets to the conference

Diamond (£6000)

Limited to two sponsors. Similar to Platinum, but includes:

  • six complimentary tickets to the conference
  • some special and imaginative ideas that we’ll discuss with you

Other sponsorship opportunities

If you’d like your sponsorship to be associated with a particular aspect of the conference, that can be arranged. You could choose to sponsor or co-sponsor an evening dinner, a drinks party, gift bags, tutorials or some extra facilities for attendees - or something else. We’re open to suggestions and ideas.

And if you want to give us even more than we’ve bargained for above, please get in touch - we can come up with a suitable package for you.

Get the most from your sponsorship

If your sponsorship level includes tickets to the conference, please use them! We want you to be a genuine part of the event. The more you can directly interact with the attendees, the more your organisation will get from it. If you can’t use a ticket, we suggest making it available for someone on a low budget to enjoy a sponsored place at the event. All sponsors are invited to contribute items for the attendees’ gift bags - books, pens, notebooks, discount vouchers for software or services, stickers etc.

These are suggested sponsorship levels - please contact us to discuss your requirements if another arrangement would suit you better.

Please note our Terms.

What your sponsorship will pay for

This event is being run entirely by volunteers, on a non-profit basis. All the support we receive will go towards covering the costs of the event: catering and refreshments, venue hire, audio-visual services, our accessibility programme, financial assistance for travel and accommodation for speakers on lower budgets, video recording of talks, conference t-shirts and the conference programme booklet, basic running expenses and all the other things you’d expect from a successful DjangoCon.

Download the sponsorship prospectus (PDF)