DjangoCon Europe, 2nd to 7th June 2015, in Cardiff, Wales. 6 days of talks, tutorials and code.


Sponsorship application is handled on a “first-come, first-served” basis.

DjangoCon Europe 2015 retains the right to reject any sponsor that it deems to be inappropriate.

After written acceptance of sponsorship, the sponsor should provide the sponsorship funds, logo image(s), and other details required within three weeks of receipt of the acceptance.

Sponsorship pledges cannot be processed without payment. All pledges must be made payable in Sterling. Bank details for electronic transfer will be sent on request.

Sponsors may not sublet, assign or apportion any part of the item(s) sponsored nor represent advertise or distribute literature or materials for the products or services of any other firm or organisation except as approved in writing by the organisers of DjangoCon Europe 2015.

The organisers of DjangoCon Europe 2015 will not be liable for damage or loss to sponsors’ property by fire theft accident or any other cause whether the result of negligence or otherwise or case of force majeure.

For sponsorship packages that include the use of signage, please note that signage space will be limited. The conference organisers will inform each sponsor about the maximum size and number of signs that they can use. Banners must be self-supporting.

Sponsors are invited to provide items for attendees’ gift bags, whether gifts, promotional items, leaflets or clothing. All items to be packed into gift bags must be provided to the organisers of DjangoCon Europe 2015 by Friday 22nd May 2015

Sponsors are expected to abide by the Code of conduct. Please note also our diversity, accessibility and social responsibility policies.

Refund policy

  • full refund up to 60 days before the conference
  • 50% refund within 60 days before the conference
  • no refunds within 30 days before the conference.