DjangoCon Europe, 2nd to 7th June 2015, in Cardiff, Wales. 6 days of talks, tutorials and code.

Practical information for sponsors


Cardiff University - Sunday, Thursday Friday

We’ll be based at Cardiff University Main Building on the open day and for the two days of sprints/clinics/workshops.

Metered on-street parking is available; on Sunday it should be possible to park in the University car-park.

The University is a very short walk from the talks venue, so transporting your things between one and the other will be easy.

Setup information

The venue will be open from 08.00. When you come in, it will be directly into the Viriamu Jones Gallery, where you will find a table with your name on it.

Cardiff City Hall - Monday to Wednesday

For the three days of talks we’ll be at Cardiff University Main Building. Parking is available.

Setup information

You will be able be to transfer your materials from the University to City Hall on Sunday evening to save having to take them back to your hotel.

The venue will be open from 08.00. You will need to setup upstairs in the Marble Hall, where you will find a table with your name on it.


If your sponsorship package includes a stand (Silver and above) we’ll provide you with a table. Feel free to bring your own table covering.


We’re not allowed to hang banners from the walls in these historic buildings, but you’re welcome to use pop-up banners behind your stand in either venue. Gold sponsors may also place a pop-up banner in the Assembly Room where the talks actually take place.


If you don’t want to carry a banner with you all the way to Cardiff, you can get one printed here, by Semaphore printing (whom we have used before).

They have various options, but recommend their Wasp (£50), Genie (£87) or Barracuda (£140) models as these are stock items; all of the other items have to be bought in and take slightly longer.

They are described, with prices, on pages 18-26 of their PDF brochure (except for their Genie model, which is not in the catalogue).

You can arrange with Semaphore to have the banners delivered directly to us.

Genie roll-up banner

Gifts for attendees

You’re welcome to distribute gifts, t-shirts etc from your stands of course. If you’d like us to include anything in the gift bags, it must reach us at 9 Aubrey Avenue, Cardiff CF5 1AQ, by Friday 22nd May 2015.


For your advertisement in the programme booklet (which will be printed in A5 format) please refer to this size guide (link to PDF). An EPS file or a high-resolution image will do (no bleed), or you can simply provide some text. We’d like to receive your advertisement by Friday 22nd May 2015.