DjangoCon Europe, 2nd to 7th June 2015, in Cardiff, Wales. 6 days of talks, tutorials and code.

Open day

Sunday 31st May is our open day. We’re inviting a wider audience to come along to learn more about Python and Django, and to find out what you can do with them - there’ll be something for everyone.

We have a series of twenty-minute talks and demonstrations on a wide variety of Python/Django-related topics, and a number of different hands-on workshops. They are all completely free and open to everyone who’d like to learn more, and aimed at a non-audience.

All open day events take place at Cardiff University Main Building.


  • 08.30‑18.00 Django Girls workshopDjangoGirls - a hugely-successful day-long workshop aimed at introducing women to programming in Python and Django - comes to Wales.
  • 11.00‑13.00 Python & Django for PHP codersA workshop especially tailored to PHP programmers who'd like to learn more about Python & Django
  • 13.00‑16.00 Django for web designersA workshop aimed at web designers who want to take the next step and become programmers.
  • 13.00‑15.00 Getting started with django CMSA hands-on introduction to Django's most popular web content management system, the open-source django CMS.
  • 14.00‑18.00 django-marcador tutorialA hands-on Django tutorial aimed at programmers who already have some Python experience.
  • 14.00‑18.00 Dive into object-oriented PythonA hands-on workshop for Python users who need a better understanding of its OOP implementation - a key to success for for every Django programmer.
  • 15.00‑18.00 Let's learn about cryptography togetherIf you don't know anything about cryptography yet but would like to, this workshop - using a series of challenges specifically written for people who aren't strong in maths - is for you.

Places at all these workshops will be limited, so please register yours using the form at the bottom of this page. (Apply separately for Django Girls.)


Part 1

  • 09.15 Prof. Roger Whitaker: Welcome to Cardiff University
  • 09.30 Russell Keith-Magee: What on earth are Python & Django?Russell explains what they are, what you can do you with them and why you might want to - and why programming is much easier and more fun than you probably think.
  • 09.50 Mark Steadman: A web framework for the creative mindMark discusses Django from the perspective of a content creator (weblogger, podcaster and in daylight hours a web developer).
  • 10.10 Rhiannon Titcomb: Understanding Bezier curves with PythonRhiannon discusses the mathematics of key computer graphics techniques using Python.
  • 10.30 Tom Bakx: Python in AstronomyTom discusses the ways astronomers use Python to find and peer into far-away galaxies.

Part 2

  • 11.30 Cory Benfield: Security Vulnerabilities - A Story About PanicCory tells a tale of every open-source project's worse nightmare: a report of a serious security flaw in the software.
  • 11.50 Amit Nabarro: RESTful APIs in DjangoAmit explains how Django developers can make use of the power of RESTful APIs in their projects.
  • 12.10 Yamila Moreno: Lessons learnedYamila discusses two years of making good and bad decisions in a large Django project, and lessons she wishes she didn't have to learn the hard way.
  • 12.30 Raphaël Barrois: Cyberponies - Django talks to machinesRaphaël discusses Django's suitability for building systems that interface with thousands of remote machines, as part of an Internet of Things.

Part 3

  • 14.00 Adrienne Lowe: Coding with knivesAdrienne describes what it's like for a professional chef to become a programmer - and why cooking and coding are not that different.
  • 14.20 Árni St. Sigurðsson: Data-driven democracyÁrni discusses a mission using Django data-gathering tools to help the electorate in Iceland make better-informed decisions.
  • 14.40 Žan Anderle: Mistakes and lessons in developing user experienceŽan discusses how any development team can improve the user experience of their applications.
  • 15.00 Alasdair Nicol: Ponies and moustaches, or Templates in DjangoAlasdair introduces one of Django's notable new features, its support for multiple template engines, and explains why it matters (and what moustaches are).

Part 4

  • 16.00 Christopher Hunt: Arduino sensors, mobile apps and virtual realityChristopher explores how Django can integrate with all sorts of physical devices to capture, transmit, store, visualise and derive intelligence from data.
  • 16.20 Katharine Jarmul: Data wrangling with PythonKatharine offers a whirlwind introduction to the Python tools that will help get wild and unruly data under control.
  • 16.40 Rivo Laks: Django and the real-time webRivo discusses the rise of the real-time web, and some tools and techniques to help put it into practice.
  • 17.00 Jamie Hannaford: Making our spaces more inclusiveJamie discusses the social issues of an industry where dealing with code is easy, but dealing with people can be very hard.

And also

  • 12.00‑14.00 Jobs fairMeet local and visiting developers and employers. Open to everyone. DjangoCon will be packed with interesting Django/Python/web-loving companies and people.

Workshop registration

Please note that some of the workshops run concurrently, so only choose workshops that don’t clash with each other.