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FanDuel, our Silver sponsor

FanDuel pioneered and is the global market leader in one-day fantasy sports.

FanDuel is one of the most exciting and disruptive companies in the sports and entertainment industry.

Founded in Edinburgh in 2009 but marketed exclusively to North America, the five co-founders spotted a gap in the sizeable but rather traditional American fantasy sports market for a faster more exciting fantasy format. We now have a transatlantic tech business with 160 staff split between Scotland and America.

We offer games for NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL and college football and basketball that last just one day. Using a salary cap system for team selection - players can challenge friends or other users whenever they want without having to commit to the entire season. Players enter free or paid contests and depending on their skill in selecting their lineup they can win prizes, cash or simply bragging rights.

We now see up to 125,000 concurrent users across web and mobile and process up to 240 entries and edits per second – which in transaction terms would be the equivalent of us selling out Wembley Stadium in 6 minutes 15 seconds! During the live games we process millions of score updates per minute.

We drive continuous innovative improvements in our system architecture so that we can accommodate the cyclical demands of the sports seasons and the huge spikes in traffic that we experience just prior to games starting. During our peak in 2014 we had up to 400 servers running at any given time to ensure scalability and availability for the site and mobile apps. Delivering 10mn score updates per minute, 500mn HTTPS requests per day and 15mn entries per week.