DjangoCon Europe, 2nd to 7th June 2015, in Cardiff, Wales. 6 days of talks, tutorials and code.

Crisis averted; DjangoCon rescheduled

Following a frantic couple of days, we have been able to reschedule DjangoCon, and satisfactorily avoid the 140‘000 One Direction fans in Cardiff.

We’ve avoided the 140‘000 by bringing DjangoCon forward by two days. We’ll still run for six days as planned, with our open day, followed by three days of talks and then two of sprints, clinics and workshops:

  • Sunday 31st May: open day
  • Monday 1st June to Wednesday 3rd June: talks
  • Thursday 4th June & Friday 5th June: sprints, clinics & workshops

So: DjangoCon Europe 2015 is not cancelled, nor even postponed. It’s running in just the same week as before.

What you need to do

If you’re planning to come to DjangoCon, this is important so please take a moment to read it.

Although the crisis has been averted and there are plenty of rooms currently available in Cardiff, the pressure on accommodation as a result of the concert may affect the last day or two of the event, with rooms becoming unavailable or simply more expensive. So:

If you are coming to DjangoCon Europe please book your accommodation as soon as you possibly can. This applies particularly if you’re attending the sprints. Do not leave it till the last minute!

Please see our information about accommodation.

And now…

We’ve had a gruelling 48 hours while we dealt with this problem, but we’re not going to let it get in the way of a super DjangoCon. We were at City Hall again today to agree the new dates, and just looking around the beautiful building made us feel reassured that everything, in fact, is going to work out wonderfully.

  • The Marble Hall
  • The Assembly Room
  • Cardiff City Hall