DjangoCon Europe, 2nd to 7th June 2015, in Cardiff, Wales. 6 days of talks, tutorials and code.


  • Talk videos now available 13th August 2015 The talks over four days of DjangoCon have now been edited and published, and are available on Vimeo.
  • Thank you Cardiff University 5th June 2015 Cardiff University and its people were a huge part of DjangoCon Europe 2015
  • PluralSight, our Gold sponsor 31st May 2015 Pluralsight is a global leader in online training for technology professionals. With 3,500+ courses, Pluralsight delivers hands-on learning for the most in-demand jobs of today.
  • FanDuel, our Silver sponsor 29th May 2015 FanDuel pioneered and is the global market leader in one-day fantasy sports.
  • Cardiff University mathematicians at DjangoCon 29th May 2015 This year's DjangoCon comes to you… from the School of Mathematics at Cardiff University!
  • KuwaitNet, our Bronze sponsor 26th May 2015 KuwaitNET is an end-to-end solutions and infrastructure provider to help bring your digital dream to reality.
  • Taiga, our Silver sponsor 26th May 2015 Taiga is a project management platform for start-ups and agile developers and designers who want a simple, beautiful tool that helps make their work truly enjoyable.
  • Fry, our Bronze sponsor 25th May 2015 Enthusiastic users and supporters of Python and Django