DjangoCon Europe, 2nd to 7th June 2015, in Cardiff, Wales. 6 days of talks, tutorials and code.

Job-seeker's clinic

Have a check-up on your CV, practise being interviewed and get feedback from an experienced recruiter.

Note: the clinic will run alongside the conference sprints. It’s free to all conference attendees.

You need practice and helpful feedback to become a good job applicant or interviewee.

This clinic will help you reach that point before you attend your next interview.

Peter Inglesby, an experienced technical interviewer, is running a job-seeker’s clinic also featuring Stefanie Weilenmann from Divio and Jacob Kaplan-Moss from Heroku to help you do better when it comes to your next job application.

How the clinic works

You can either:

  • bring your CV to have it scrutinised by a friendly critic, or:
  • sit a short mock interview for a choice of fictional positions

Afterwards, you’ll get some useful feedback on strengths and weaknesses, and ways you can become a stronger candidate when it comes to your next job application.

You’ll need to register for the clinic well in advance - we’ll post details here in due course.

And if you can volunteer an hour or so of your time for the panel, please let us know!

About the panel

Peter Inglesby

When not sitting in front of interviewees or Python code, Peter might be found up a mountain, in a concert hall, or at a cricket ground.

Kristian Glass

Kristian loves taking things apart and helping make them better, whether software, infrastructure, processes or CVs.

Can you help?

We need more people on our panel. If you can spare some time to help out - an hour or so of your time - it will allow the clinic to serve more people. Thanks!